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W wydawnictwie Hippocampus Press pojawiła się oficjalna zapowiedź zbioru Lovecraft and a World in Transition autorstwa S. T. Joshiego, który zawiera wszystkie eseje badacza na temat H. P. Lovecrafta. Książka ma ukazać się w czerwcu w nakładzie 500 kopii w twardej oprawie i będzie miała 645 stron. Już teraz dostępna jest w preorderze, dzięki któremu zapłacimy 10% mniej i otrzymamy egzemplarz z podpisem autora. Polecamy!


Spis treści:


I. Biographical Studies 
Lovecraft and Weird Tales
Further Notes on Lovecraft and Music
Lovecraft’s Library
Lovecraft’s Revisions: How Much of Them Did He Write?
Lovecraft and His Wife
Lovecraft and the Films of His Day
The Rationale of Lovecraft’s Pseudonyms
Lovecraft and the Munsey Magazines
Barbarism vs. Civilization: Robert E. Howard and H. P. Lovecraft in Their Correspondence

II. Philosophical Studies
The Political and Economic Thought of H. P. Lovecraft
“Reality” and Knowledge: Some Notes on Lovecraft’s Aesthetic
In Defence of Dagon and Lovecraft’s Philosophy
Lovecraft’s Alien Civilisations: A Political Interpretation
Lovecraft and a World in Transition
Lovecraft and the “Big Issue”
H. P. Lovecraft: The Fiction of Materialism
Lovecraft and Religion
Time, Space, and Natural Law: Science and Pseudo-Science in Lovecraft

III. Thematic and Textual Studies 
Autobiography in Lovecraft
Lovecraft’s Other Planets
Textual Problems in Lovecraft
The Structure of Lovecraft’s Longer Narratives
The Dream World and the Real World in Lovecraft
Topical References in Lovecraft
Humour and Satire in Lovecraft
A Guide to the Lovecraft Fiction Manuscripts at the John Hay Library

IV. Studies of Individual Works
Who Wrote “The Mound”?
On “The Book”
On “Polaris”
On “The Tree on the Hill”
Lovecraft and the Regnum Congo
The Sources for “From Beyond”
On “The Descendant”
What Happens in “Arthur Jermyn”
“The Tree” and Ancient History
Lovecraft and Dunsany’s Chronicles of Rodriguez
Some Sources for “The Mound” and At the Mountains of Madness
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
Excised Passages from “The Thing on the Doorstep”

V. On Lovecraft’s Essays, Poetry, and Letters
“History of the Necronomicon”
“Supernatural Horror in Literature”
Two Spurious Lovecraft Poems
A Look at Lovecraft’s Letters
Lovecraft’s Fantastic Poetry
Lovecraft, Regner Lodbrog, and Olaus Wormius
Lovecraft’s Essays

VI. On Lovecraft’s Legacy and Influence 
The Development of Lovecraftian Studies: 1971–1982
R. H. Barlow and the Recognition of H. P. Lovecraft
A Literary Tutelage: Robert Bloch and H. P. Lovecraft
Passing the Torch: H. P. Lovecraft and Fritz Leiber
Lovecraft at Last
The Cthulhu Mythos
The Recognition of H. P. Lovecraft, 1937–2013